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dundonald dundonald old mill dundonald presbyterian church dundrum dundrum castle dungannon dungiven dunluce dunluce castle dunluce presbyterian church during severe winter weather. dusk east street education edward egad eide fighter eide fighter. strangford lough electricity elim elim church ella's emerald gratia wt231 emergency employer empty engine engineers engines engraving enniskillen entertainment entrance to marine gardens entrance to st nicholas' church ernie cromie chairman established establishent estate europe europe wall mural painting art graffiti european mariner evening event events ex excavator excursions exhibit exploris f235 facade factory fallen family farm fcz707 female fermanagh ferry festival fiddlers green public house fifteens fifth fighting fire fire station first carrickfergus presbyterian church first comber presbyterian church first drumbanagher and jerrettspass presbyterian church first or old presbyterian church first presbyterian church first rathfriland presbyterian church fish fishermen fishermen's memorial fishing fishing boat fivemiletown flanking fleet flight float float parade floats flooded flower flybe embraer erj195 190200 flying foliage folk football footbridge force ford former former town hall and market house. newtownards fort forth boxer fortification fortified fortress fotor fotor1 fotor1a fotora fountain fourth frances street francis street frazernash frederick street frederick street link free french friary friday friendly frigate fun fun run fun. entertainment funeral directors fusiliers g.s.w.r. g.w.porter g613 gable gala game gaol garct garden ornament gardening gardens garryduff presbyterian church gartree gas gasoline gate gate lodge gates gathering gator gavfu gavkk gbkmw gbnkr gcbjm gcbxg gcdux gcech gdbcc gdbce genealogy general sir james stuart steele gcb. kbe. dso. mc. 18941975. templecorran cemetery generation georges street german. naval germans gezjy gfbea gfd gilford gilnahirk presbyterian church gilnahirk road girder bridge glarr glarryford glarryford levelcrossing glasker glasker mill glenarm glevy gmvmg gmzhm gnri goods gorse gosford gosford castle gospel gothic government house goward goward dolmen grace neill's bar grade b2 graffiti granshaw presbyterian church grave graves gravestone gravestones graveyard graveyards graveyards burials green green castle greencastle greenhouse greenwell grey abbey grey point fort greyabbey grni groomsport ground grounds grumman gufcg gufcj guiding light gullion gun guns h.m.s. monmouth habitation half hall halloween halloween specials at the downpatrick county down railway on 2nd november 2008 halls halt hamilton hamilton park hangers harbour harley davidson harrier hartford lodge harvey havilah headstone headstones hedgecutter helen's helens bay heli helicopter heliport helm heritage high street high street presbyterian church hill hillsborough hillsborough fort hilltown hilltown presbyterian church historic historical history hitachi hitachi ex 100 holy holy family catholic church holywood holywood methodist church home hoops restaurant horticulture hospital hotel house house of god houses houses in north street housing housing demolition hull humour ii image1 image11135 image2 images imgp0465am imgp0470a imgp0483b imgp0505a imgp0520a imgp0522a imgp0533c imgp0538b imgp0553a imgp0584model imgp0667a imgp0706a imgp1017 imgp1533b imgp1612b imgp1748a imgp1934ms imgp1970a imgp1986a imgp2030a imgp2039a imgp2069a imgp2081a imgp2290a imgp2727b imgp2734a imgp2746a imgp2747a imgp2751a imgp2758a imgp2759a imgp2803a imgp2898a imgp2920a imgp2921a imgp3092a imgp3676b imgp3763a imgp4252a inch inch abbey industry infantry information infrastructure inn inscribed stone inside internments ireland ireland' fishermen ireland. red hand commando irish irish gate irish street island islands ivan gilmore cars jaguar james gilmore owner jcb jd1 jehovah's jerrettspass jerrettspass bridge jerrettspass post office jet jetty jim filson john jones jordan's castle joymount presbyterian church js220 jubilee julie junction junction of knock road and green road junction of knock road and kings road june juniors ka1 ka2 ka3 katesbridge katesbridge presbyterian church kawasaki kelly ken kilbroney kilbroney old church kilbroney old graveyard kilbroney parish church of ireland kilclief kilclief castle kilkeel killough killyleagh killyleagh castle killysuggan cemetery kilmacrew road kilmore kilmore parish graveyard kilmore presbyterian church king king's king's castle kings kings road kircubbin kirkistown knightsbridge knock knock cemetery knock methodist church knock presbyterian church komatsu ladies lagonda lake lamp landing landmark landowner landscape landsdowne lansdowne lansdowne road lantern larne larne congregational church larne town train station later king william iii layd layde lc leaflet league legamaddy legananny dolmen legislature leitrim lemnagore level level crossing warning sign levelcrossing levelcrossing 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mausoleum may mckeag mckee clock mckelvey pavilion mcmaster mcmaster co linen mill medieval meeting megalithic memorial memorial in marine gardens merchant merchant navy mess messines road methodist methodist community centre michelle michelle 24.4.2015 michelle quoile basin michelle saul church 17.4.2015 michelle10 michelle14 michelle25 michelle26 michelle27 michelle28 michelle29 michelle30 michelle6 middle miles military mill mill street millin millisle mine mini's miniature missing link mist moat moat park model model primary school moira monastery monastic monea money moneymore moneyreagh monitoring post monochrome monotone monument monument to the northern ireland security forces moored moorings mormon motor motor vessel motte mound mount pleasant mount pleasant has been reduced to ruin by arson and vandalism mount st joseph catholic church mount stewart mountains mourne mourne mountains movilla movilla abbey movilla cemetery movilla street mp1 mule multiple second world war pillbox mural museum mussel mussel dredger musseldredger n.i.r. na1 na2 national national school national trust nautical navy near ardkeen near bessbrook near comber near crossgar near millisle near portaferry near strangford neglect nendrum nendrum monastery nendrum monastical site nendrum visitors centre neolithic neptune nets new apartments in william street new railway bar newcastle newry newry canal newtownards newtownards county down newtownards war memorial newtownards. newtownards. built 1854 newtownards. demolished newtownards. demolished 2011. newtownards. demolished during may 2008 newtownards. demolished during may 2009 newtownards. demolished in 2008. newtownards. demolished. newtownatrds niall nigel carr night nir no22 no3 non nonconformist nonsubcribing nonsubscribing nonsubscribing presbyterian church norman norman bodel norman gravestone inside st.mary's church north north gate north street northen ireland northerm northern northern ireland northern ireland railways northern ireland town europe nuclear number number 30 nuns quarter nursing o'connor o'rooney's public house ob26 observer octagon octagonal of office officers oil okasa old belfast road old building old cross old fuel pump. hilltown old house old manor mill old market cross old warehouses adjacent to the newry canal in poyntzpass olderfleet castle oldest olivet omagh on the ards peninsula on the main belfast to dublin line. once a famous house in newtownards operations orchard place orenstein koppel original orphanage our lady of the visitation catholic church our lady star of the sea overgrown p.i.a.t. painter parade parades parish parish of ardkeen parish of ballyhalbert parish of dromara. dromara parish of dunluce park parliament parlour partly passage passageway passenger patrick patrick murphy of killowen patrick's pc pc210lc pc240lc pc78mr pedestrian peninsula pentax people percy french period petrel phil phoenix physical physical contact games pictured in the engine compartment of diesel locomotive a39 pier pillbox place place of worship places plan planes plant plantation platfor platform platform one platforms platoon players plot plots plotting pn10gjv poet police police service northen ireland politics pontoon port portable portaferry portaferry bus depot portaferry gala week 2009 portaferry gala week 2010 portaferry hotel portaferry ii portaferry marina portaferry pier portaferry presbyterian church portaferry windmill stump portal portavogie porteferry portmuck power powered poyntzpass poyntzpass railway station presbyterian presbyterian church preservation preserved price's lane prior to demolition prior to removal during 2008 priory prison private property protestant provence provost ps6000 psni pub public pump pumps quaker meetinghouse quarry queen queen street queens hall queens parade methodist church queens university quoile quoile basin quoile bridge r police r.a.f. r.n.l.b. rnli r.n.l.b. sir samuel kelly r.n.l.i. r.n.l.i. portaferry r22 race rackets rademon raf raffrey presbyterian church raholp rail rails railtrack railway railway bridge railway station gate at poyntzpass railways railyard rambiz randalstown rath rathfriland rathmullan drive reconstructed recreation recycling bins. dundrum red reenactment reformed presbyterian church regent regent house regent house grammar school regent street religion religion ancient religious remembrance ceremony 2009 cenotaph residence restaurant resting resting place restoration retired rfc rich with gorse on 30th april 2011 rider river rnlb rnli road road down roadrail roadworks robert robinson rock rolling rolling stock roman roman catholic ron sivey who served in the ops block and mark haggan. photograph taken during ron's return visit to the operations building in may 1995. roofless room rose ross ross monument rostrevor round round tower stump row royal royal air force royal british legion club rpsi ruc rugby ruin ruined ruins run runners running runway runways rural rush russians rusted s.clarke son sailing saint saint john the evangelist saintfield saintfield railway station samuel sandstone sark satin' saul savage saved saxon scallops scarva scarva coal stores scarva presbyterian church scarva street scenery scenic school scottish scrabo scrabo country park scrabo estate scrabo road scrabo road roundabout scrabo road. newtownards scrabo secondary school scrabo tower sd330 sea sea mourne seagull seamen seaplane seat second second dromara presbyterian church second killyleagh presbyterian church second presbyterian church sect sectarian section section under 17s sector semi seniors service services settlement shaftesbury park shears shed shells shelter ship ship po shipping shop shorts sign signal signals signpost sir sir arthur chichester looks out from the grounds of joymount palace sir edward carson sir hans sloane sir hans sloane. killyleagh site six six mile water sixth sketrick sketrick001 sketrick002 sky slaney slaney inn slieve slieve croob smyth's cafe snow sob1 sob10 sob11 sob12 sob13 sob14 sob15 sob16 sob17 sob18 sob19 sob2 sob20 sob21 sob22 sob23 sob24 sob25 sob26 sob3 sob4 sob5 sob6 sob7 sob8 sob9 social society solar soldiers songwriter south south street southeast southwest spa specials spelga spitfire sport sport ball sports spring springhill squash squash racquets courts st st andrew's church of ireland st angelo airport st bronagh's holy well st bronagh's shrine at kilbroney old graveyard st colman's church st columba's anglican church of ireland st elizabeth's church of ireland st elizabeth's old church of ireland st james' church st john the baptist church of ireland st john the evangelist catholic church st john the evangelist church of ireland st john's st john's church of ireland st john's point church st joseph's st malachy's st malachy's church of ireland st malachy's parish church st mark's church of ireland st mark's parish church st mark's parish church of ireland st mary's church st mary's church of ireland st matthew's church of ireland st matthew's parish church of ireland st nicholas catholic church st nicholas church of ireland st patrick's st patrick's catholic church st patrick's chapel st patrick's church st patrick's church graveyard st patrick's church of ireland st patrick's grave st patrick's roman catholic cathedral st patrick's roman catholic church st paul's church of ireland st saviour's church of ireland st. mary's star of the sea catholic church st. patrick's catholic church st.columba's st.elizabeth's church of ireland st.mark's church of ireland st.mark's parochial hall st.mary's church st.patrick's church of ireland st.patrick's r.c. church stae standing standing stone star star of the sea state state care stately static station stationmaster. house statue statue of lieutenant colonel robert blair mayne in conway square statue of prince william of orange statue of sir hans sloane statue of sir hans sloane in killyleagh steam steenson stenaline hss ferry steps steven stewart stile stock stone stone garden ornament at mount stewart national trust property stone monument in marine gardens stones stores stormont strangford strangford arms hotel strangford ferry strangford lough strean presbyterian church street stronghold structure structures struell stucture style submerged subscribing subterranean subway sundial sunk sunken sunlit sunny sunset sunshine sv5498 symbol t.murtagh barbour shop t1 table tail boom tainer takeuchi tank tb1140 team teconnaught teenage teenager telephone tempest temple temple of the winds templecorran templecraney tercentenary plaque terraced textiles texture thatched the a20 southern distributer road during construction. now known as messines road the argory the black duke the central bar the church foundations and round tower stump at nendrum monastical site the commons the gates to dunbar the gospel hall the grave of lt. colonel robert blair mayne d.s.o. 3 bars within the walls of movilla abbey the hardford inn the moat the narrows the nonsubscribing presbyterian church of ireland the north gate bar the north gate entrance in the original town walls of carrickfergus the old cross inn the old cross of kilbroney. a ninth century inscribed cross to be found at kilbroney old graveyard the old cross of kilbroney. rostrevor the old manor mill the old priory the old quaker church the old railway embankment at trasnagh drive the parish church the queen vic the queens hall the seven stars public house the square the subway entrance at carrickfergus railway station the war memorial the white house third this was a former railway embankment in trasnagh drive thomas throne thruster t600n 450 ticket tidal tirnony titanic tomb tomb within the old priory ton tourist tower tower house towers town town hall town stocks towns tr9. ards track tracks traffic disruption on messines road on 5th january 2009 train train station trainer training trains tran translink transport trasnagh drive trassey river trassey road 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